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    Find here forms for EngD and MRes report submissions, and marks sheets for MRes/EngD Group Projects and research-led modules. 

    Find here template schedule for MRes/EngD VEIV projects. 

    Material are for current MRes/EngD VEIV students, academic staff and industrial supervisors only. 

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Final Submission

Refer to UCL Registry's page on EngD thesis submissions. 

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Group Project

The overall aim of the group project is for you to implement a working virtual environment system that satisfies the needs of a target user group. You will need to review the state of the art, available technologies and your own competencies, plan a development phase and then demonstrate and evaluate the system. The project scope and definition is left to the students beyond some suggestions guided by current research questions in CS and Bartlett.

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MRes Reports and submission forms

MRes VEIV reports are due at the beginning of month 11 of the programme, no matter the start date; for those starting in October, this means early September of the following year. (These are submitted by MRes+EngD students only. Modular EngD students should refer to the EngD Reports in this section). 

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EngD Reports and submission forms

The EngD VEIV programme includes a system of yearly milestones. The milestones are at intervals of 12 months (MRes or EngD Year 1), 24 months (upgrade) and 36 months (thesis draft) until the thesis is submitted for examination. Importantly, reports must be sumbitted to supervisors for marking, and the mark passed to the EngD Centre Manager, before these milestones are due. For this reason, reports should be submitted at months 11, 23 and 35 respetively. 

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MRes research modules

MRes VEIV research-led modules

MRes VEIV students may undertake one research-led module. These modules introduce the student to methods of research with graphics and visualisation systems via a research project (or projects). These Are intended to develop initial research questions, which may be developed further in the MRes individual research project. Lecture, seminar and studio components will normally be provided by auditing relevant modules in appropriate domains, to supply specific background knowledge and a forum for discussion with other students. VEIV lab-based modules or taught programming modules may be recommended, but the main decision on which taught material will best support the student will be taken between student and their academic supervisor. Projects may follow a similar structure to those offered in these modules, but will be assessed based on research questions specific to the student.

Research material produced externally to the MRes or EngD may also be submitted to these modules, by prior agreement with the EngD Director.



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