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The aim of the project is to introduce GIS techniques into the analysis and visualisation tools used in the processing of healthcare statistics. The project will focus on a range of geographical visualisations to improve use and accessibility of information across the health and care system, in support of the overall aim of giving people more choice and control over health and social care. This will be done by adding usable and accessible GIS as an integral part of management information software solutions to support better commissioning, choice, quality and efficiency: all areas of the NHS reform programme where better use of information by patients, users, professionals and managers is vital.

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Jason Drummond


Research interests: Virtual environments, avatars/agents, neuropsychology and affect science.

Research project: Psychotherapeutic uses of avatars, agents and virtual environments.

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Sam Blackwell

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Leto Peel

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photoInteraction networks are made up of nodes, representing people, and links representing observed interactions between them. Within such networks community structures have been observed where nodes are more densely connected within communities than across communities. People tend to interact more frequently with similar people and so people within communities will share common attributes or purposes. My research is on the analysis of interaction network communities. In particular I am interested in investigating the detection of communities, discovering of roles within communities and community evolution.

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Dimitrios Athanasakis

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